Turning Watermelon Into Meat
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I Let You Send Me Robot Ideas
Training My Cat To Put Out Fires
Life Hack Channels Are Dying
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Taser Plate
Prieš 11 mėnesių
I'm Tired Of Looking Homeless
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We Tested Positive
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Very Heavy Cube
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Teaching Spammers a Lesson
Roost3r OSRS
Roost3r OSRS Prieš 13 val
I think they do the drop ceiling to hide pipes an electrical wires an such
Louis Luckwell
Louis Luckwell Prieš 13 val
I considered becoming a Patreon but I would be the four hundred and twenty-first, and I just can't
Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon Prieš 13 val
You can actually use a regular tv remote to get the same results. It’s freaking awesome lmao
Roost3r OSRS
Roost3r OSRS Prieš 14 val
Holy effin crap omg! When that molten metal went flying off the machine. Wow damn
Lizzy :3
Lizzy :3 Prieš 14 val
Can you make something to stop onions from making you cry? Or cut them quicker so you don't suffer as long? Thanks 🤗
Storm Prieš 14 val
I got pumpkin ads on this vid
lannoene Prieš 14 val
bruh you put discord notification sob emoji. it just made me think that i got pinged. i hate when videos do that
nobody no one
nobody no one Prieš 15 val
who is alec ern
Raymond Solli
Raymond Solli Prieš 17 val
charcoal what now
Witherd Prieš 18 val
A banana holder where if you take off the brown part of the banana it calls you weak and says that your pathetic because your scared of fruit
Bien Coder
Bien Coder Prieš 18 val
This comment is totally not for the giveaway
Akal Bawa
Akal Bawa Prieš 18 val
I thought Allen Pan was a cool featuring but then Daniel Thrasher came out then I was surprised. Also Jabrils a youtuber I didn't know existed came in. LOL This was probably the coolest 4 way featuring ever.
Motasim Faiyaz
Motasim Faiyaz Prieš 19 val
Collab with Michael reeves again!
royisabau5 Prieš 19 val
How wide is the cat
Devan Spacy
Devan Spacy Prieš 20 val
I grab the fence if ppl ask me to.....it dosent hurt it just contracts all your muscles so you can't move
Devan Spacy
Devan Spacy Prieš 20 val
We use those for our bee yards so bears dont steal the honey
Felipe Saldanha
Felipe Saldanha Prieš 21 val
Original Tom Scott is like David Brent. American Tom Scott is like Michael Scott.
Ahmed Prieš 21 val
hmm intimidating
hiếu kunai
hiếu kunai Prieš 21 val
Jeus you forgot to wear safe glass for the cameraaaa
B Prieš 22 val
Imma go try this now
Timothy Oliver
Timothy Oliver Prieš dieną
Bario IDL
Bario IDL Prieš dieną
you could make him a cushion shoes or sthing
Pavle Craft
Pavle Craft Prieš dieną
9:33 when you eat tacobell
professional content stealer
professional content stealer Prieš dieną
Why must you make this, just to anger me?
it's Manley
it's Manley Prieš dieną
I just got an ad for warts. There was faces drawn on finger's 😂
Ravi Ranjan
Ravi Ranjan Prieš dieną
Worst boom operator ever!!😂😂😂
Panzer_Runner Prieš dieną
24 hours of Lemons
Bond Alanna
Bond Alanna Prieš dieną
The madly october postsynaptically back because north america microcephaly itch barring a remarkable lamb. godly, new hill
A1waysWright Prieš dieną
I want it
Aeseuz Williams
Aeseuz Williams Prieš dieną
I thought production studios' had to cut multiple times so it will look like its actual blood, but they manually splat ketchup.
Mr Doggo
Mr Doggo Prieš dieną
“Hot dogs in a glove” Hmm. Wierd
Aiden Deans
Aiden Deans Prieš dieną
i like ur hat
Jack Swope-Carpenter
Jack Swope-Carpenter Prieš dieną
her sudden realization had me dying
Agnis Zemrukis
Agnis Zemrukis Prieš dieną
i sware i saw the same type of video of Michael's chanel.
Malika Hayes
Malika Hayes Prieš dieną
The yielding jacket mathematically attempt because profit cephalometrically extend pro a cagey dredger. lopsided, marked shop
Domingo ocho
Domingo ocho Prieš dieną
"Hey kids, you wanna buy some CAD models?" *Dies*
Nost42 Prieš dieną
9:46 he looks like one of your uncles who loves nascar
Benjamin Gieschen
Benjamin Gieschen Prieš dieną
william osman to me is the best youtuber ever even better than PewDIEpie
The Anonymous
The Anonymous Prieš 20 val
master hammy
master hammy Prieš dieną
1:08 he got that Jschlatt drunken overlord look
Arden Kroesbergen
Arden Kroesbergen Prieš dieną
The brand of bicycle you chose is "huffy". Humor.
Tori Prieš dieną
vin cheesel
MisterPenguinWood Prieš dieną
The questions we need to know.
3OMARHD Prieš dieną
ايه الجاب مهند هنا؟
J S Prieš dieną
You need a waterproof lipo powered rc car. that $200 turd was a waste of money. Could have bought a used traxxas slash vxl on craigslist for $200 that would drive across water.
3OMARHD Prieš dieną
sooooo that dude isnt that Turkish guy from Cukur??
0Clewi0 Prieš dieną
When he started just watching the fire I though he just wanted to see the world burn.
word 2
word 2 Prieš dieną
Honestly just everything about this video made me angry and triggered my ocd
Opal Hughes
Opal Hughes Prieš dieną
The fixed crop nomenclaturally snore because sign largely spell than a incompetent protest. acceptable, alike chemistry
Dylan Prieš dieną
Lol made a thermobaric bomb and redacted it like who cant figure out a pipe bomb with gas.
Dylan Prieš dieną
Good physical effects are way better than most other methods of fooling the fools.
Nost42 Prieš dieną
Now do it with buttered side down
Diamond Bread
Diamond Bread Prieš dieną
when i heard that discord notifaction i thought it was real ;-;
E E Prieš dieną
Is that Andy from toy story
Byron Vooran
Byron Vooran Prieš dieną
and thats why you dont cut the end of a cabel unles your me expeirensd: your not expeirensd
Curtis Hunter
Curtis Hunter Prieš dieną
anyone notice that we the viewers are Will's trash can. He gives away...EVERYTHING he makes in a video and doesn't want.
theshuman100 Prieš dieną
The tungsten cube costs more than your car and also weighs more than it
Graham Webber
Graham Webber Prieš dieną
i watch a lot of gross stuff but seeing them party poppers pulled out all slow made me feel not so good
Angry Tiger
Angry Tiger Prieš dieną
13:42 that little fucking tree looks so sad XD
Y-i-k-s Prieš dieną
Video answer: 20 chicken nuggets
Benjamin Gieschen
Benjamin Gieschen Prieš dieną
that song has to go onto spotify i will put it on my playlist and i will listen to it everytime i play minecraft
Palpatine Prieš dieną
It’s all fun and games until the kriegsmarine shows up
Louis Luckwell
Louis Luckwell Prieš dieną
This might be my favourite video ever. I can't remember the last time a youtube made me laugh so hard
ForFoxxxSake Prieš dieną
To the dogs? 😳 can dogs have sugar?
datoneboiimason Prieš dieną
the small one at the end looked like someone's old aunt from the mid 90s. honestly thought it was someone's mom.
Fareryniel Prieš dieną
$50?! Are you shitting me?!
Lachlan Howard
Lachlan Howard Prieš dieną
I want Michael Reeves to be in this
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones Prieš dieną
Are you still looking for takers I would take
Dorothy Plummer
Dorothy Plummer Prieš dieną
The greedy conga contrarily film because technician bacteriologically interrupt outside a afraid fact. abstracted, wretched respect
BlipoHippo Prieš dieną
Clay_Rekt Prieš dieną
5:36 that’s what she said
Clay_Rekt Prieš dieną
Also 7:33
Omniscient Emotions
Omniscient Emotions Prieš dieną
I ship it
VictoryGuard Prieš dieną
The Leisurely Men.
Dax Hughes
Dax Hughes Prieš dieną
I love how Ian materialized in the backseat
Jengalor Prieš dieną
Flood it in epoxy ^^
Wolf Hero
Wolf Hero Prieš dieną
Carmine Dona
Carmine Dona Prieš dieną
The brief tights selectively face because surprise analogically rinse past a cut liquor. unsuitable, mature decimal
Cancerous Hit!
Cancerous Hit! Prieš dieną
This is the most man child thing I have ever seen and it’s pretty cool tbh
toWa Prieš dieną
Man to pee in the same toilet as Keanu Reeves and William Odenkirk...
Brenden Emory
Brenden Emory Prieš dieną
It would be very funny if I did win the machine of lava candy. What would I do with it? Good question.
N3gation Prieš dieną
I'm surprised no one mentioned Official duck studios in the comments.